LA360VR is a result of a big passion for innovation and technology. LA360VR understands that Virtual Reality is the future of marketing and engage clients with a realistic, interactive and innovative experience.

It helps your audience to learn what to expect and make the right decisions.

Tony Viegas is a Media and Entertainment professional, passioned for technology and innovation. After knowing the Matterport platform, that really impressed him for the innovation, accuracy, and possibilities that delivers, he decided to step forward to a whole new level and started with LA360VR. With strong background in Media Production Process Tony Viegas makes sure we deliver a high-quality material in our portfolio.


After more then 15 years in the Event Business and working together with great brands as an Executive Producer and Account Manager, Maria Joana leads our Marketing Strategies and maintain the relationship with our clients always on track to make sure they get the best of our services.


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